Hibyan Sky



Hibyan Sky is a multi-skilled singer and performance artist merging music with art and technological innovation. Through her work, the artist creates multi-sensory experiences primarily inspired by and dedicated to each individual who feels like they have to hide a part of themselves in order to fit in or be considered normal.

Inspired by the surreal and the otherworldly, the artist creates live performance pieces using many art forms including music, visuals, aerial, fire and pyrotechnics in an attempt to interpret and question the concept of human limits. Through her work, the artist gives shape and voices to feelings that otherwise couldn’t be portrayed, recreating live expressions of creatures that appear powerful despite their sensitivity.

Adapted to spaces from extensive live shows to intimate, self-contained installations, these live acts have been performed many times internationally, including countries such as the UK, Europe and the Maldives.

The work stands to represent those unrepresented. By recreating multi-sensory experiences and different states of being, the artist aims to empower the understated and question the concept of limits, together with exploring diverse perceptions of reality.

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— Hibyan - Video Preview —

Hibyan Sky is a Roundhouse Resident Artist Alumni.
Her work is exciting and innovative. combining aerial, music, fire and pyrotechnics. She is one of the few artists to be exploring the boundaries between these to create something new. We are thrilled to be working with her and eager to see what she does next.
— The Roundhouse, London UK


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